My approach to healthcare

I believe that mind and body, the physical and the emotional, are intrinsically linked and that the body holds all the information we need to re-balance and get back to our natural state of wellness.  I use kinesiology to ask questions of the body and find out what is really going on. I often find that physical illness and symptoms have an underlying emotional cause. I then design an individual protocol to help re-balance both mind and body and to facilitate healing.

The healing tools I use to help my clients make improvements are natural ones and could be one or more of the following - nutritional therapy involving changes to diet and the use of nutritional supplements; vibrational and energy medicines such as flower essences and natural remedies - to give the body and mind what it needs to repair and re-balance itself; lifestyle changes such as exercise, sleep, relaxation and water - to attain and maintain good health; stress management strategies - problem sharing, talk therapy and counselling, lifestyle planning & coaching to help you manage life's challenges better and meditation therapy to uncover unconscious issues and self-limiting beliefs which may be holding you back from living your happiest and most fulfilled life.

My aim is to provide support throughout the healing process in whichever way is most appropriate.  Each treatment and recovery plan is as individual as you are.  We work together to create unique treatment plans and natural solutions to your individual physical and emotional health issues.  Many clients choose to continue to see me on a regular basis once they are well again in order to maintain good health, to deal with issues as they arise and to have someone with whom to share life's challenges. Sometimes a short period of work together is all that is required.  To help you feel better and live a happier life is always the goal.