During the lockdown period, I have been holding a series of live, weekly guided meditation meetings which I have recorded and made available using Zoom.  You can download Zoom for free by entering this into your browser. ( Once it is downloaded onto your device, just click on one of the links below, put in the password and you should go straight into the recording.  


The recordings are divided into two sets of 6. The first collection entitled Journeys of Imagination and a second more interactive series called The Secret Garden which are on a separate page. 

The links and passwords to all of the Journeys of Imagination meetings so far are below with a short description to help you find one you think will be the most suitable.  Each session lasts 40-45 minutes and includes a 30 minute guided 'journey' to somewhere beautiful (as we are all a bit fed up with our surroundings!) and a body scan of some kind for the last 10 minutes or so.  I have given a brief description below to help you select the one you would like to listen to.

To make your experience more enjoyable, you might like to lie down with blankets and pillows or sit in a comfortable chair.  There is no right or wrong way - whatever is comfortable for you.

I hope you enjoy them. 

Thank you for listening!

Hilary x

The Journeys of imagination series

Meditation 1 - 6.5.2020

Focus - Healing power of nature

Forest walk to the sea cliffs, Algarve, Portugal 

General healing body scan

Password: 5I$eT8%O

Meditation 2 - 13.5.2020

Focus - Gratitude 

Riverside walk in the woods with waterfall, Galicia, Northern Spain.

Gratitude body scan

Password:  9L@$D63$

Meditation 3 - 20.5.2020

Focus - sanctuary space

Greek monastery on the island of Sifnos, Cyclades Islands, Greece.

Heart meditation

Password: 9o#3am2+

Meditation 4 - 27.5.2020

Focus - the energising power of colour

Walk up the hill to a sunset view, Alicudi, Aeolian Islands, Sicily.

Chakra meditation using colour

Password: Alicudi#1


Meditation 5  - 3.6.2020

Focus - Trust

Coastal walk through olive trees and swim in the sea, Karpathos, Greece 

Trusting your body to function perfectly

Password: Karpathos#1

Meditation 6 - 10.6.2020

Focus - Peace, letting go of impatience and striving, learning to accept your current situation

Gentle stroll along the riverbank of a slowly rolling river, swans and cygnets, the water brings you what you need.

Drawing in white light through the top of the head to bring peace into the body

Password: Cygnets#1

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